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Save better, save smarter

Understand your financial situation better and make the right decisions, we help you to budget, track and be on top of your expenses.

Keep track of your financials

Connect all your bank accounts in one place

Securely, you can connect all your bank accounts and track your spending from a single dashboard. Giving you a holistic over view of your expenditures

Save at your own pace

Set the budget that suits your lifestyle

Our machine learning models will help you optimize the most effective budget for your lifestyle. Saving is not supposed to hinder it, rather enable you to a more sustainable situation

Save better, save smarter

Get an in depth look at your financial behavior

Mala’a gives you full access to analytics tools to answer any questions you might have about your expenses with personal insights to nudge you towards your financial goals.

What's on your mind?

Is it secure to connect my bank account with the PFM app?

Malaa is as regulated as the bank you are using, we use cutting edge technologies to keep your personal information safe. It’s encrypted and always stored. We only obtain your information by asking for your consent).

What is the regulatory sandbox?

The sandbox is an environment where the Saudi Central Bank closely monitors company's who bring new innovative ideas to the market, the purpose is to test these new ideas so the Saudi Central Bank can issue regulation after a period of time. Learn More

Is the service free of charge? Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! Malaa is completely free, there are ZERO hidden fees and we do not monetize from your data. We never sell your data, we take our fees from the banks directly through offering other services. Malaa app will always remain free for everyone.

Your guide to financial well-being

We do not offer free wealth management tools only, we truly care about your financial well-being and our goal is to help you realize your financial potential

Takes 5 minutes

How does AI work when smart budgeting?

Manual data analysis is almost out-of-date, AI is here to process big financial data

Takes 4 minutes

What is the open banking concept?

We’re on the brink of a new era of banking where you can decide who manages your data and make it work for you.

Takes 6 minutes

Why does expense categorization help to grow savings?

The deeper you know your spending habits, the easier you can plan your finances.

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