Unlock your financial potential

Integrate your savings with your investments

Investing can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before. We take that pressure off, investing starts with saving and we bridge those two worlds in an automated way

financial Independence

New approach to investing with savings plans in mind

When we built our investment solutions, we wanted to offer something unique. A holistic journey for you to begin with understanding your personal expenses then when you are ready, kick off your investing journey. It's our mission to empower you to maximize your financial potential

In Mala’a, we know well how to keep everything in hand and help you build the straightforward way to your financial independence. We’ve created an AI-driven ecosystem for those who feel like taking an opportunity to modernize their financial habits.

Smart investing, personalized

Truly automating your portfolio

We understand your income and expenses on a deeper level, and build a profile that is validated with long-term and short-term goals then design a custom portfolio to grow your wealth

Money working for you

Get your extra cash to work

We connect your savings plans with your investment plans, we build your portfolio around your financial goals and anticipate when you can achieve them. The extra cash you save from your budgets is automatically invested alongside any dividends you get from your investments

What's on your mind?

I have never invested before and it sounds difficult

Investing is filled with jargon and complicated details that discourage a lot of people from investing and realizing their financial potential, we take all that away and make it incredibly simple to start investing. Just set up your investment goal and we will automatically build a portfolio and manage it on your behalf

What are the chances of me losing my investment?

We believe in diversification and passive investment that track the market performances instead of picking stocks directly. A diversified portfolio based on your risk tolerance can grow your wealth without the market volatility and its constant pressure

Can I get my money back any time I want?

Yes, it's your money and you can withdraw it any time you like. No lock-in periods.

It’s high time to understand the essence of your finances

Financial literacy is part and parcel of today’s world, where everything runs at light speed. Our library is a one-size-fits-all solution to delve further into your financial behavior and learn how to invest profitably.

Takes 5 minutes

What shares is it safer to invest?

Sometimes, the desire for fast money can bring about big losses.

Takes 4 minutes

How can you deal with market volatility?

If you’re willing to invest, it’s the right time to know how to treat market swings.

Takes 6 minutes

What is the risk appetite?

A clear understanding of the risk level is the straight road to successful investments and goal achievements.

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